I met Rachel when I worked for Bloomingdales a few years ago and I instantly gravitated to her fun, welcoming personality. She was shopping for a few clients at the time and I was in awe at the amount of dedication she invested on each of them! She was able to turn any outfit into a MASTERPIECE, whether it was trendy, timeless, or just for everyday. She truly loves what she does and it shows, now I send pictures to Rachel to make sure my look is top notch before I step out. What would I do without her!



“I’ve known Rachel since the early days of college. A friendship that was contrived out of our love and appreciation for fashion and style. I loved clothes and Rachel knew all the designers. It was a match made in couture heaven! And later on down the road, Rachel even inspired my personal style blog. Eventually, she became my go-to personal shopper anytime I’m on the East coast.

Being from the West Coast, I’ve been able to consistently depend on Rachel when it comes to anything trending on the East coast. Her keen eye for style doesn’t just stop at personal fashion. Her choice opinions on home interiors and décor make her an invaluable asset to anyone in need of a tasteful, multi-functional stylist.

And on a side note: python is illegal in California...which means if there’s even a hint of it on the those Alexandre Birman shoes you’ve been eyeing at Neiman’s, you’re outa luck honey....unless you know a girl like Rachel who takes my request, procures what I want and ships it to me on the West coast. Fashion problem solved!”


Jeannine Rothernberg


“Uninspired and overwhelmed at the process of needing a closet overhaul I finally decided to go for it, and reached out to Rachel. I am so happy I did it!  Rachel efficiently went through my existing closet, assessed what works and shopped for everything else! 

I have had less and less time over the years to shop and stay plugged into the looks that I like.  Rachel relieved the stress of shopping (especially in today’s world) and saved me time and money while bringing all the inspiration right to my home!  She turned a daunting task in to a fun and rewarding experience and the result has been transformational.  

I now enjoy going in to my closet and will never be without Rachel on my team!“




“I met Rachel at a time when I was building a career and raising a family. Rachel was the buyer for a cute little shop that I would frequent on the weekend, to escape a long and busy work week. We built a friendship that was not just professional but also personal, as she was always willing to provide me with the most trending fashions and style that fit both my professional and personal life. 

I love clothes, and always take pride in myself as an individual with unique style. I did not want to be the work mom that looked like everyone else. Rachel understood my expectations and went above and beyond to meet those needs.

 When she left that cute little shop, she reached out to me and explained her new business venture. She became my personal stylist. Rachel traveled to stores to find the perfect little work suit or the “daring” from work to happy hour outfit. She knew what worked and what did not! Her eye for style is unmatched, and her dedication to her clients is just plain special!”


Lea Cascarano


I have been shopping with Rachel for as long as I can remember and have never seen someone more passionate and inspired by fashion. She has helped me shop and plan outfits for so many occasions over the years, both big and small. Rachel found my wedding dress at the first store we visited within five minutes. Her talent isn’t limited to just fashion either— she helped me decorate and organize my house, too!

Whether it’s a work event, a casual night out, or a special party, Rachel can put together a look so effortlessly. She will literally bring an entire store to you to find the perfect outfit and style you down to the very last detail!




Rachel is my go to girl for all things fashion. She organizes my closest, tells me what to purchase (because I would never purchase anything myself), fills in what I’m missing, shops for me, and even helps me find a dress for any occasion. She is also so personable and you can tell she really loves what she does

Rachel can help you even if your wardrobe doesn’t need any help, Rachel can just pick out an outfit for work, everyday life or just for a special occasion - no job is too big or too small.