Having been born and raised on the East Coast I have had many magnificent opportunities to work with many successful people.  Having gained knowledge and experience paired with my natural aptitude toward fashion and style made a perfect career path. It was meant to be! 

Fashion has always been and will always be my first love. And there is nothing that thrills me more than outfitting a client and making sure their closet is not only filled with amazing pieces but is organized and functional for your everyday SLAY! Admiring how a personalized outfit can change someone’s outlook, someone’s demeanor and most important their self-confidence! And that is what I accomplish when I dress you. My goal is to make sure you look and feel your absolute best for all occasions of life. 

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” Rachel Zoe. 

Think of me not only as a stylist but also as your PERSONALIZED CONCIERGE brimming with recommendations and suggestions to fit every aspect of your lifestyle. Style is not just confined to your closet. It is on everyday display! Everything that is an extension of you should exude your impeccable sense of style. Which is why I consider my expertise invaluable. I’m available for consult on all topics ranging from the best places for you to decompress and pamper yourself to where your kids should be shopping for the coolest trends. I make it my business to be informed on all the details that make your life and your family’s life just a little easier and enjoyable.

Just know that with me by your side, we will accomplish more than the perfect closet but the best-looking version of you! 

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