“I’ve known Rachel since the early days of college. A friendship that was contrived out of our love and appreciation for fashion and style. I loved clothes and Rachel knew all the designers. It was a match made in couture heaven! And later on down the road, Rachel even inspired my personal style blog. Eventually, she became my go-to personal shopper anytime I’m on the East coast.

Being from the West Coast, I’ve been able to consistently depend on Rachel when it comes to anything trending on the East coast. Her keen eye for style doesn’t just stop at personal fashion. Her choice opinions on home interiors and décor make her an invaluable asset to anyone in need of a tasteful, multi-functional stylist.

And on a side note: python is illegal in California...which means if there’s even a hint of it on the those Alexandre Birman shoes you’ve been eyeing at Neiman’s, you’re outa luck honey....unless you know a girl like Rachel who takes my request, procures what I want and ships it to me on the West coast. Fashion problem solved!”